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Samfundet Sverige Israel

Samfundet Sverige Israel


"Dishonest reporting award 2011" av Anna Ekström

Publicerat 13/12

I dag, några dagar efter att en islamist fick Nobels fredspris i Oslo, utdelas ett mera välförtjänt pris, nämligen Dishonest Reporting Award. De som besöker sajten Honest reporting och har röstat fram pristagaren har i allmänhet inte så goda kunskaper i nordiska språk, så priset gick till the Guardian.

Ur motiveringen: 

1. An Anti-Semitic Response to Gilad Shalit Swap

Responding to the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap, Deborah Orr said the disproportionate number of freed Palestinians for one soldier reflected the Jewish state’s “obscene idea that Israeli lives are more important than Palestinian lives,” and that “the lives of the chosen are of hugely greater consequence than those of their unfortunate neighbours.”

2. PaliLeaks

PLO documents on a decade of peace talks (The Palestine Papers, a.k.a. PaliLeaks) were leaked to The Guardian and Al-Jazeera. But the revelations — that Israel was actually serious about peace — sorely disappointed the editors.

3. Soapbox for Terror

Palestinian reconciliation efforts were on and off (mostly off) throughout the year. At one point, The Guardian gave Hamas spinmeister Musa Abu Marzuq the legitimacy of an op-ed soapbox.

Israel Law Center director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner told HonestReportingthat newspapers which give terror groups like Hamas prominent op-ed bylines are skating on very thin legal ice. The op-ed is free publicity, which facilitates the terror organization’s PR

5. Goldstone Recants

In a Washington Post op-ed, Judge Richard Goldstone backtracked on the UN report into Operation Cast Lead which he headed. His mea culpa specifically stated, “civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy” and accepted that the casualty figures were not as high as his report indicated.

The Guardian reacted with an arrogant, intellectually dishonest staff editorial denying that the Goldstone report ever accused Israel of deliberately attacking civilians in the first place.

As for the casualty numbers, the paper insisted on using the inflated casualty figures Goldstone disavowed — without explaining why. HonestReporting took apart that editorial in more depth.

8. The Palmer Report on the Mavi Marmara

When the UN’s Palmer report vindicated the legality of Israel’s Gaza blockade, a Guardian staff-editorial rebuked the inquiry simply because the findings contradicted an array of UN documents already bashing Israel…

9. Quantifying the Spin

A print edition op-ed by Greg Philo, the research director of Glasgow University Media Unit, claimed to quantifiably prove that Israeli spin doctors have hijacked the Mideast narrative in media coverage.

10. London Riots

As London boiled over in August riots, one report in The Guardian didn’t bother to mention the race, religion, or ethnicity of anyone — except for a reference to a group of Hasidic Jews jeering the police.

Vem får det svenska priset?

Anna Ekström

Publicerad på egna bloggen 13 december 2011